NOVEMBER 14, 2019


Hurppu Horizon Centre Oy is founded and registered in the Finnish Patent and Registration Office on 14.11.2019.

As CEO of the Hurppu Horizon Centre Oy has been appointed Vadim Kasarnovski, citizen of Finland from Hamina. Vadim Kasarnovski has been engaged in the Hurppu project since 2014 and he will also continue to occupy the post of director of the Hurppu Horizon project.

“Hurppu Horizon is a project unique in its profile in Finland. The elements of vision added together create in Hurppu a unique profile unavailable in other places”, says Vadim Kasarnovski, CEO of Hurppu Horizon Centre Oy.

”I have developed a project almost from the beginning, and now I know the project more than anyone else does. I have my own vision and I am responsible for the implementation of the project as a whole. At the same time, I understand the complexity of the project elements and the importance of each element; I can combine the elements in the right way. I am very much excited about the project and willing to give all my time to implement and the forces of the project. My task in the project is strategic and tactical management, organization, supervision and representation. I can delegate different tasks to others. Implementation of the project during the construction phase as well as the subsequent operational activities requires the participation of professionals in the real and that is why I am planning a project highly professional team.”

”My team are professionals who are enthusiastic like me, believe in the success of the project and are ready to give the project all the best. At present, there are a few members of the team – the leader of the SPA, having over 15 years of experience as a leader of the famous SPA in the famous five-star hotel, bookkeeping and legal experts, famous restaurateurs etc. The municipality of Virolahti also actively participates in project development work. With the right partners and investors, the hidden potential of Hurppu will be realized.”

More information:

Vadim Kasarnovski, CEO, Project Director
Hurppu Horizon Centre Oy
tel. +358 40 849 3505

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