APRIL 23, 2019


The municipality of Virolahti starts work on the development of a detailed zoning plan for the Hurppu area. The decision was made today.

The purpose of the plan is to create the possibilities of building an attractive and versatile tourist destination – Hurppu Horizon Centre. Conditions are also provided for a permanent residence. A site plan will determine the necessary building permits that are sufficient for marketing and the location of the buildings on the terrain. A more detailed map and layout is also needed for planning street network and municipal engineering nets. Ahead is a large amount of survey and design work. Surveys are needed on land and underwater sites. The area to be zoned is owned by the municipality of Virolahti and has a size of about 100 hectares.

Approval of the plan is scheduled for June 2020.

More information:

Vadim Kasarnovski, Project Director
Hurppu Horizon Centre
tel. +358 40 849 3505

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