DECEMBER 29, 2014


In the strategy of Municipality of Virolahti, the utilization of the Hurppu region for tourism has been raised as one of the key economic policy goals. The guidelines for the development of nature, cultural and well-being tourism in the area are outlined in a master plan prepared by Finnish Consulting Group Oy. The plan, completed on May 15, 2013, will be utilized in zoning and marketing in the area.

The head and technical director of Municipality of Virolahti have negotiated a cooperation agreement with management consulting company Norados Oy for the implementation of the Hurppu nature, culture and well-being tourism project. The agreement applies to the approximate areas of 90 hectares. According to the agreement, Norados Oy has the right and obligation to implement measures aimed at the realization of the Hurppu Horizon project on behalf of the municipality.

Ahead is a big, long and challenging work on the project.

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